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Church Praise Banners, Silk Praise and Worship Flags, and Liturgical items all designed to capture the Wind of the Spirit!

Artist Emily Belle Ochs creates praise flags, worship flags, custom church banners, Lion of Judah banners, Lion of Judah flags, dance silks, worship garments and silk praise billows for the church to enhance the expression of the prophetic drama through dance and worship. When it comes to praise and worship, we are only limited by our imagination. Psalms 66:2 instructs us to make His praise glorious. In other words, we are to be glory producers when it comes to worshiping our God! Inspirational silk worship cloths, silk flags, church banners and silk scarves can add powerful new dimensions to your movement during worship. Displaying Christian church banners with His name and nature will cause the enemy to flee. Isaiah 59:19 says that when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard (banner or flag) against him. We learn from this scripture that our flags and banners can become powerful weapons in the spiritual realm when we worship. As dancers before Him, even our garments should speak a message of beauty and holiness, just as it was for Aaron and his sons. (Ex. 28:1-3)

Silk is the perfect medium that lends itself to the creating of visual worship implements, praise flags, liturgical items, banners and garments. Silk has a graceful drape and a soft hand (the feel of the silk) that is ideal for slow or lively movement. Silk is very lightweight, therefore, even children can effortlessly billow silk cloths without becoming overexerted. The small to medium size flags come mounted on fiberglass poles and twirl without becoming tangled. The larger flags do not come with a pole. The 10 foot telescoping pole is sold separately and fits into the sleeve of the larger flags.

Each silk is unique. No two are alike! Keep this in mind when ordering a silk. The color and design will not be a perfect match with what you see on the screen. Measurements are approximate. Trims, ribbons, tassels and fringe on the banners may vary slightly from the photograph.

Photos taken at House of Prayer for All Nations or at Flowing River Church, both located in Clearwater, Florida. Please allow anywhere from two to six weeks for your order, unless ordering from the "In Stock" page.

Lion of Judah Flag or Banner

The Lion of Judah watches His harvest! Available as Church Banner on the Banner page or as Praise and Worship Flag on the Lion of Judah page.

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